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The "Banyan Alliance" Analysis

Graphic of price breakdown
Graphic distribution of profits

Actors in the supply chain

Union y progreso


Producers association

The Unión y Progreso association produces and sells fine organic cocoa of the highest quality.

It is one of the member associations of the Unocace cooperative.





UNOCACE is an integration organization representative of the Popular and Solidarity Economy. Currently it is composed of 20 associations that bring together 1,900 small cocoa producers from various provinces who own 6,340 hectares of fine flavoured national cocoa with Ecuadorian and European organic certification.

Our mission is to provide effective goods and services to our affiliates such as technical assistance, association strengthening and marketing of cocoa and associated crops produced in farms with environmental and social certification and under management system standards, with the highest quality, in accordance with market demands, generating sustainability for all actors in our value chain

Ecuatoriana of chocolates

Black chocolate

Chocolate factory


Ecuatoriana de Chocolates is one of the leading chocolate companies in Ecuador, specializing in the production of high quality gourmet chocolate, made only with the best cocoa from Ecuador. We process the cocoa beans in the same way that vineyards take care of their grapes.
Cocoa beans are our most precious asset !


Ecuatoriana de Chocolates generates an integral chain between the cocoa producers, our company and our clients, which seeks to satisfy the needs of each, in addition
to providing support in all aspects that influence
social development and environmental protection.

Banyan Alliance




Banyan Alliance was created to address the many challenges and imbalances in the cocoa chain, including
lack of transparency, child labor, farmer insecurity, and environmental impact.


Banyan Alliance is much more than just a "grand cru" chocolate : it is a redefinition of ethical chocolate. From setting the right price to offsetting CO2 emissions, discover our efforts to promote a new business model.


Banyan Alliance proposes a holistic, inclusive, environmentally friendly and circular business model aimed at rebalancing the value chain by objectively weighing the efforts of each player, thus contributing to making agriculture more attractive and sustainable.





OneAction is an NGO based in Geneva and active since 2011. Seeing in everyone the potential to bring about lasting change, it aims to encourage the transition from intention to action, by helping individuals and communities to carry out various charitable projects.


OneAction is at the origin of the Banyan Alliance's project and is now its preferred partner. It receives from the brand 10% of the turnover from the sale of chocolate bars. On the one hand, this windfall enables OneAction to offset the CO2 emissions generated by the production and transportation of Banyan Alliance chocolate through its reforestation initiatives. On the other hand, it constitutes a source of funding to help finance its operations and its various projects.

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